Loetz Vase PG 1/214 ca. 1901

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Vase, Johann Loetz-Witwe, decor Phenomen Genre 1/214, signed “Loetz Austria”, ca. 1901

  • Height: 15cm, Depth: 8cm
  • 1900 to 1902
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: Glass, mould-blown and freeform colored with metal salts, reduced and iridescent
    Signed on the bottom with "Loetz Austria"

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    SKU 541

    The period around 1900 saw the creation of some of the most impressive phenomenon decor variations in the history of the Johann Loetz-Witwe company. To continue the success of the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, the glassblowers experimented with extraordinary glass designs. The winter exhibition at the Austrian Museum of Art and Industry was another important step for Loetz and for this purpose the glassworks’ own designers pulled out all the stops. In this vase, the silver iridescent wave decoration that surrounds the upper part and the lower body of the vase is particularly intricate and connected with narrow decorative bands. The rosé background is also interspersed with fine silver oxide waves. On the bottom the vase is signed “Loetz Austria”.


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    Loetz Vase PG 1/214 ca. 1901

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