Wine glass Otto Prutscher ca. 1912

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Wineglass with cut decoration, design Otto Prutscher, manufactured by Johann Meyr’s Neffe, Adolf, circa 1912, colored glass with cut decor

  • Height: 21cm, Width: 8cm, Depth: 8cm
  • 1911 to 1913
    Technique: glass, purple overlay, cut decoration, partly yellow stained
    Provenance: private collection, Austria
    Bib.: depicted in Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk (ed.), “Glasklar. Festschrift für Helmut Ricke” (publication in honour of H. Ricke), Michael Imhof publisher, Petersberg 2013, p. 94
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    SKU 1131 Tag

    Prutscher’s glasses undoubtedly represent one of the most famous executions of the geometric Viennese Jugendstil. Back in 1908, they were prominently featured in the renowned art magazine “Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration”. In the following years, they appeared in various publications, which amplified the enormous success of those designs.
    The thin stem with a cut pattern (squares and dots) creates an interesting contrast to the cylindrical goblet. The transparent glass is covered with manganese and yellow decorations. The decoration is cut on the lower two-thirds of the cup and on the upper third a crossed, cut-out wave pattern with yellow dots is applied.


    The Viennese architect and arts and craftsman Otto Prutscher (Vienna 1880 - 1949 Vienna) was an important representative of Austrian Jugendstil. As a student of Josef Hoffmann and Franz Matsch, he created numerous designs for the Wiener Werkstätte and Viennese residential buildings. He was not only active as a designer and architect, but also as a teacher at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna. While his style was clearly influenced by Hoffmann's works at first, a clear stylistic independence can be seen as early as 1906. Between 1906 and 1915, he produced delightfully reduced works entirely in the spirit of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" (total work of art) of Austrian Jugendstil. The works of the 1908 "Kunstschau" and the 1914 "Werkbundausstellung" deserve special mention too. From 1915 onwards, the influence of Prutscher’s colleague Dagobert Peche became noticeable in his designs. His style became more modern and floral, but not as delicate as Peche's works. Otto Prutscher never lost his individuality and inspiration. The glass works from 1908 to 1916 also deserve a special mention here. His wine and liquor glasses from this period are, today, in great demand by collectors all over the world.


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    Wine glass with cut decor Otto Prutscher Meyr's Neffe ca. 1912 colored and cut glass
    Wine glass Otto Prutscher ca. 1912

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