Tennis player Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1950

SKU 988

Tennis player, Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, ca. 1950, brass cast and patinated, marked

  • Height: 28cm, Width: 27cm, Depth: 8cm
  • 1945 to 1950
    Technique: brass, cast and patinated, wooden base
    Provenance: Private collection, Vienna

    marked with “wHw” in the circle, “HAGENAUER/WIEN”, “MADE IN/AUSTRIA”, “Handmade”

    4.500,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 988

    Karl and Franz Hagenauer had a passion for sports, which finds expression in numerous motifs. Whether the popular skiers or polo players in the early years of Werkstatte Hagenauer, or horsemen, boxers, and golfers: various sporting activities – mostly conveying a certain lifestyle – are captured in lovingly designed sculptures.
    This statuette shows a tennis player in an almost caricature-like snapshot. Balancing on solely one leg, he returns his opponent’s serve, seemingly with a one-handed backhand. The tennis player, fully commited to the game, is even stretching one leg beyond the wooden base. With an expert’s eye and a twinkle, the sporting pose is cast in a charming figurine.


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    Tennis player Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna ca. 1950 patinated brass marked
    Tennis player Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1950

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