Table lamp Karl Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer circa 1930

SKU 763

Table lamp with hunting Diana, Karl Hagenauer, Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, circa 1930, brass cast and polished, marked

  • Width: 23cm
  • Height: 44cm
  • Depth: 23cm
  • Dating: 1930 to 1935
    Epoch: Art Deco
    Technique: brass, cast and polished; lampshade
    Provenance: Private collection, Austria
    marked (partly unclear) with “wHw” in the circle and (MADE IN) “AUSTRIA” bib.: comp. sales catalogue Werkstatte Hagenauer 1928 (unchanged reprint 1999), no. 1465A, p. 20
    5.600,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 763

    Karl Hagenauer repeatedly used the motif of a hunting Diana in his works, whether as a figural decoration on candlesticks or, like here, as a base for a table lamp.

    The goddess of the hunt is depicted with her dog and characteristic attributes, bow and arrow. In a manner so typical of this period, Karl Hagenauer designed the elegant statuette with elongated limbs. On tiptoe and in a suggested arabesque, Diana appears like a light-footed elf rather than a goddess. Strongly reduced and at the same time graceful features characterize this figurine. Diana’s hunting weapon appears more like a teasingly winged arrow than a dangerous bow, lending Diana a seemingly harmless playfulness.

    Werkstatte Hagenauer designed utilitarian objects with such delightful scenes as early as the 1920s, and this specific table lamp is already well documented in the sales catalog of Werkstatte Hagenauer in 1928.


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    Table lamp Karl Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer circa 1930

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