Seating group Josef Hoffmann ca. 1915

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Seating group, design by Josef Hoffmann, manufactured by J. & J. Kohn Vienna, stained bentwood, brass, c. 1915

  • Height: 77cm, Width: 120cm, Depth: 65cm
  • 1914 to 1916
    Technique: Beech bent and stained, brass knobs, nickel plated, velvet cover renewed
    Provenance: Private collection, Vienna
    bib.: catalogue Jacob & Josef Kohn 1916, reprint Munic 1980, dep. no. 975/F (armchair) and 975/C (bench), p. 50; Giovanni Renzi, Il mobile moderno, Silvana Editoriale Spa, Milano 2008, p. 258
    18.000,00 VAT inclusive
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    Josef Hoffmann designed this seating group in 1914. The very same year the bentwood-company Jacob & Josef Kohn started its production with the model number 975 and published it in 1916 in its sales catalogue first. The design is very likely a variation of Hoffmann’s 1902 fauteuils with model number 720 showing clear parallels. The horseshoe-shaped basic form as well as the solidly designed back elements are cleverly loosened up by graceful legs, giving the furniture an almost floating character. Horizontal brass rivets structure the back section in very decorative way. By keeping with Hoffmann’s basic principle of limiting the design to the essentials, they stabilize the furniture’s seat almost effortless. With this seating set, Josef Hoffmann created a classic of Viennese Jugendstil.


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    Seating group Josef Hoffmann J. & J. Kohn ca. 1915 bent beechwood brass
    Seating group Josef Hoffmann ca. 1915

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