Peter Kogler Untitled 1998

SKU 846

Peter Kogler, Untitled, 1998, silkscreen on canvas, signed and dated, unique piece

  • Height: 80cm, Width: 80cm,
  • 1998
    Technique: silkscreen on canvas
    Provenance: private collection Austria

    on reverse signed and dated “Peter Kogler 98”


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    SKU 846

    Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian multimedia artist, has been focusing his artistic approach on exploring the fields of new media, architecture and film since the early 1980s. He confronts and combines the perfectionism of new technologies with organic motifs, processing his designs digitally and implementing them with traditional, analog means, like this unique silkscreen on canvas from 1998.
    In this work, which he left untitled, Kogler plays with the viewer’s perception; the dark blue oval shape placed in the center of the pink-colored ground, can be perceived either as a space behind the image’s surface, or as a three-dimensional body resembling a pill. Through color and form, Kogler creates optical illusionistic spaces and questions the concept of reality.


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    Peter Kogler Untitled 1998
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