Loetz vase school of Koloman Moser Antoinette Krasnik Syrius ca. 1901

SKU 755

Vase with grading purple color, school of Koloman Moser, design by Antoinette Krasnik, Johann Loetz Witwe for E. Bakalowits Vienna, decor Syrius, ca. 1901

  • Width: 18cm
  • Height: 9cm
  • Depth: 9cm
  • Dating: 1901 to 1902
    Technique: glass, mould-blown and freeform, reduced and iridescent
    Provenance: Private collection, USA

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    SKU 755

    The shape of this vase was designed by Antoinette Krasnik, a student of Koloman Moser at the School of Arts and Crafts Vienna (Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule), in 1901. She was one of the most recognized and successful graduates of his class and designed several extraordinary vessels for glassworks Loetz-Witwe. The decor Syrius is characterized by a color gradient that changes from a greenish-transparent hue to pinkish-violet. This very modern-looking coloring was used especially on glass designs from the school of Koloman Moser, for example by Jutta Sika, Robert Holubetz or, as here, by Antoinette Krasnik.
    The vase was commissioned by the glass editor E. Bakalowits. The company cooperated with selected established and emerging designers from the Viennese art scene around 1900. The shape of the vase is quite typical of Krasnik’s designs. It is based on design elements by Koloman Moser, for example the upwardly tapering shape and the applications on the sides of this piece.


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    Loetz vase school of Koloman Moser Antoinette Krasnik Syrius ca. 1901

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