Loetz vase PG 7773 ca. 1899

SKU 798

Vase, Johann Loetz Witwe, decor Phenomen Genre 7773, ca. 1899, signed

  • Height: 25cm, Width: 10cm, Depth: 10cm
  • 1898 to 1899
    Technique: glass, mould-blown, reduced and iridescent
    Provenance: private collection, Paris

    arrow mark in the circle – ca. 1898-1899

    8.600,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 798

    In 1898, Loetz presented the first glasses with the then newly developed Phenomenon Genre-decors and celebrated great success from the very beginning. Exhibitions in various museums followed. This vase is one of the glasses from the collection for the summer exhibition of the Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association in Munich (Bayrischer Kunstgewerbeverein) in 1899.
    This beautiful piece was decorated with PG 7773, one of the earlier Phenomenon Genres. Its broad, strongly blueish shimmering bands on a bright orange ground give the object an extravagant appearance and contribute to the special character of this vase.
    On the finely polished pontil we find the rare signature with the crossed arrows in the ring, a motif derived from the coat of arms of the Spaun family. This specific signature was preferably used for the most exceptional vases and for museal objects that went as gifts to museum-collections.


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    Loetz vase PG 7773 ca. 1899

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