Loetz vase PG 7501 ca. 1898

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Vase, Johann Loetz Witwe, decor Phenomen Genre 7501 on Bronze ground, ca. 1898, signed

  • Height: 29.5cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 11cm
  • 1898 to 1899
    Technique: glass, mould-blown and freeform, reduced and iridescent
    Provenance: private collection UK

    signed “Loetz Austria” bib.: A. Adlerova, E. Ploil, H. Ricke, T. Vlcek (eds.), Loetz – Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, vol. II, paper pattern catalogue, Prestel, Munich 1989, paper pattern 7515, p. 26; comp. form Passauer Glasmuseum (ed.), Bohemian Glass 1700-1950. Volume IV, Jugendstil in Bohemia, Tittling 1995, p. 20


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    SKU 876 Tags ,

    Loetz collectors should be familiar with the shape of this vase, as an example – although with a different decor – is prominently pictured on the spine of the standard Loetz reference “Pattern catalog”.
    The tall vase is part of a series dating back in 1898 with a hexagonal body transitioning to a round cross-section*. It is a very fine example of the glass-factory experimenting with innovative shapes.
    In this early Phenomen Genre 7501, the vertical drawing of the decoration with its lancet-like elements emphasizes the slender vessel’s shape. Depending on how the light falls, its elongated threads shimmer silvery or more bluish.
    The vase is a beautiful example of Loetz glassworks from the period before participating in Paris World Exposition 1900.
    *J. Mergl, E. Ploil, H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz. Böhmisches Glas 1880 bis 1940, Hatje Cantz publ., Ostfildern-Ruit 2003, no. 19, p. 70


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    Loetz Vase PG 7501 um 1898
    Loetz vase PG 7501 ca. 1898

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