Loetz vase PG 3/430 ca. 1902

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Vase, Johann Loetz Witwe, decor PG 3/430, ca. 1902

  • Height: 26.5cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 11cm
  • 1902 to 1903
    Technique: glass, mould-blown and freeform, reduced and iridescent
    Provenance: private collection Germany

    bib.: A. Adlerova, E. Ploil, H. Ricke, T. Vlcek (eds.), Loetz – Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, vol. II, paper pattern catalogue, Prestel, Munich 1989, paper pattern 2272/331/9, p. 374

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    SKU 900

    The design has clearly been inspired by the Secessionist style, which represented the aesthetic avant-garde at that time in Vienna, mainly in the group around Gustav Klimt. With its silver oxide crumbs and finely spun silver threads, this decoration is one of the technically most sophisticated works by Johann Loetz Witwe. The shimmering silver particles seem to float on a moving water surface, with the bluish silver threads undulating like waves, giving the pattern a uniformed dynamic.
    The spun decoration unfolds especially beautifully on the swinging shape, on which the color gradually fades to a lighter shade toward the bottom.


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    Loetz vase PG 3/430 ca. 1902

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