Loetz vase Adolf Beckert etch decoration ca. 1913

SKU 615

Vase with etched decoration, Adolf Beckert, Johann Loetz-Witwe, ca. 1913

  • Height: 16.5cm, Width: 9cm, Depth: 9cm
  • 1913
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: glass, mould-blown, etch decoration

    Bib.: comp. decor 177 in J. Mergl, E. Ploil, H. Ricke (ed.), Loetz – Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, Hatje Cantz publ., Ostfildern-Ruit 2003, p. 220

    4.500,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 615

    Adolf Beckert, known for his etched glass designs, was appointed artistic director of the Johann Loetz-Witwe glassworks in 1909. He was responsible for the most significant productions of Loetz glass after 1910. Our vase, underpainted in a bright orange, is from a production around 1912. The glass is overpainted dark brown, and acid etched in a process step. The decoration, typical of Beckert, features small, reduced flowers and plants surrounded by several insects. The striking orange base color was later often used for the commercially very successful Tango glass. Our glass is therefore an interesting link between Beckert’s late productions and the beginnings of Art Déco production.


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    Loetz vase Adolf Beckert etch decoration ca. 1913
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