Large centerpiece Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1905

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Large centerpiece mod. no. 1409, design Gustav Gurschner, manufactured by K.K. Kunst-Erzgiesserei Wien, ca. 1905, bronze and brass silver-plated, marked

  • Height: 22cm, Width: 33cm, Depth: 26.5cm
  • 1905 to 1908
    Technique: bronze, cast, partly patinated, brass, silver-plated
    Provenance: Private collection, New York

    on the base marked “GURSCHNER”, (barely readable) “K.K.K.E.WIEN” and mod. no. “1409”


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    SKU 879

    Gustav Gurschner was an important sculptor and bronzer of the Viennese Jugendstil. He was a member of the Vienna Secession and the Hagenbund. He designed a variety of Secessionist sculptures, candlesticks, vases and lighting fixtures.
    This rare centerpiece perfectly embodies Gurschner’s eclectic style. With its two handles, the centerpiece is probably modeled after an antique drinking bowl, a kylix. As such, it can be seen as a reinterpretation of a more mundane vessel for refined home decor. At the same time, the silver-plated bowl has a certain sublimity, vaguely reminiscent of a sacred offering bowl, which is why it could also be seen as a secessionist interpretation of the legendary Holy Grail.
    On the wall, medallions alternate circumferentially with stylized Celtic depictions of animals and cross symbols. Pearl bands and a meander-like decoration complement the lush ornamentation. The Celtic spiral patterns so characteristic of Gurschner are also not to be missed here and can be found above all at the foot of the centerpiece.


    Gustav Gurschner (Muehlendorf am Inn, Germany 1873 - 1971 Vienna) is among the most famous Austrian sculptors of the 20th century. He was a founding member of the Vienna Secession and president of the Künstlerverband Österreichischer Bildhauer (Association of Austrian Sculptors). As he lived in Paris for several years, one can recognize a clearly French influence in his characteristic, nature-related style. His remarkable talent and his extensive artistic education led him to create a large number of monuments and portraits, including the royal obelisk in Veszprém (Hungary) in 1908, the imperial monument of Hohenelbe (Czech Republic) before 1916 and a portrait of King Edward VII of England.


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    Large centerpiece Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgiesserei
    Large centerpiece Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1905
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