Two snake lamps Wilhelm Kralik-Sohne Helosinware Wien ca. 1900

SKU 161

Two table lamps with snake decoration, Wilhelm Kralik-Sohne, Helosinware Vienna, ca. 1900, bronze and glass lampshade (Kralik), ceramic insert (Helosinware)

  • Height: 72cm
  • Width: 37cm
  • Dating: 1900 to 1902
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: Bronze; mouth-bown glass, iridescent; ceramic; glass beads on silk

    Stamped at the bottom of the ceramic insert with “Helosinware Wien”

    35.000,00 VAT included
    SKU 161

    During the Jugendstil period, Vienna was one of the most important art centres in Europe. This circumstance offered the artists of that time a rich variety of specialized companies, which provided a huge assortment of different techniques for the artistic execution of designs. A fine example of the collaboration between different manufactures can be found in these lamps: the large shade was made by Kralik, the bowl in the foot of the lamp was produced by Helosinware Austria and the bronze frame was probably cast and worked by a Viennese company. The famous sculptor Edgar Brandt made wonderful bronzes with snake motifs during this period, probably his bronzes were inspiration for these two extraordinary works.


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    Two snake lamps Wilhelm Kralik-Sohne Helosinware Wien ca. 1900

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