Josef Mikl “Gespräche” (conversations) 2001

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Josef Mikl, “Gespräche” (conversations), 2001, oil on canvas, signed entitled and dated

  • Height: 50cm, Depth: 65cm
  • 2001
    Epoch: Contemporary Arts
    Technique: oil on canvas
    Provenance: Private collection, Austria
    on reverse signed, entitled and dated “Josef Mikl Gespräche 2001” on reverse adhesive label “Archiv # 2001/4” bib.: comp. “Josef Mikl. Arbeiten 1988 – 1993”, Vienna, p. 198, dep. 19

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    SKU 681

    Conversations have no defined beginning or end. The painting shows the creative process of Josef Mikl. By means of geometric shapes he dissects landscapes, figures or even social actions, such as a talk, and puts them back together.

    Even if “Conversations” are an abstract theme, Josef Mikl all his life was against being defined as abstract painter. The attentive beholder can recognize or guess the motif. Accordingly, there are no paintings without objects. Mikl’s intuition was not to imitate the visible, external reality, but to explore the inner, invisible reality. His works are not easy to characterize, but it is advisable to examine them more closely and to dare a second glance.


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    Josef Mikl “Gespräche” (conversations) 2001
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