Hermann Nitsch “Virginia” 2006

SKU 953

Hermann Nitsch, “Virginia”, 2006, oil on burlap, on reverse signed and dated

  • Height: 150cm, Width: 200cm,
  • 2006
    Technique: oil on burlap
    Provenance: Private collection, Austria

    on reverse signed and dated “Hermann Nitsch 06”, verso on frame titled “HF Virginia 06”

    95.000,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 953

    Splattering of paint and uncontrolled application of color can be considered a typical technique of Tachism and in a certain way allow the unconscious to emerge artistically.
    The Schüttbilder (splatter paintings) by Hermann Nitsch stand exemplary for the life’s work of this exceptional artist. In them his idea of the „Orgien Mysterien Theater“ manifests itself concisely and most recognizably. Nitsch worked consistently until his passing on the realization of his vision of this Gesamtkunstwerk, in which life is to be experienced with all the senses in a kind of total immersion. Music, euphoria and ecstasy allow the actors to immerse themselves in elementary states of life.
    “The sensual excitement of painting, evoked by the spilling, splattering, and smearing of paint, corresponds to that of the “Aktionen” (actions) with flesh, blood, and entrails, and it seems just as suitable for the abreaction of repressed desires and urges as the actions.”*
    Since about the late 1980s, bright colors have appeared in Nitsch’s oeuvre; previously, red as the color of life and death had been dominant in his works. Now, in addition to yellow, liturgical colors such as violet, green and blue are used. In this work, the bright colors applied on the representative format result in a beautiful and tangibly vibrating composition.
    *Christine Wetzlinger-Grundnig, 2012


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    Hermann Nitsch “Virginia” 2006
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