Greyhound Karl Hagenauer ca. 1930

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  • Height: 30cm, Width: 29cm, Depth: 8.5cm
  • 1930 to 1935
    Technique: carved wood, nickel-plated brass
    Provenance: The Stephen Weinroth Collection, USA
    marked with “wHw” in the circle, “ATELIER/HAGENAUER/WIEN”, “MADE IN/AUSTRIA”, “RENA”
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    SKU 1077 Tags ,

    During the Art Deco era, slender greyhounds were a popular motif, symbolizing a refined lifestyle. One can think of iconic sculptures like Chiparus’s sophisticated lady with two greyhounds.
    Thanks to their distinctive silhouette, greyhounds were a perfect fit for Werkstätte Hagenauer’s product range in the 1930s. Their sleek body, pointed snout and long legs seemed predestinated for a simplified cast or carved form, as can be seen here. Thus, this greyhound masterfully carved from hardwood exudes strength and pure elegance.
    What makes this sculpture particularly interesting for Hagenauer collectors is the rare “RENA” marking, indicating that the figure was intended for Rena Rosenthal’s gallery. She ran an art store in New York from the late 1920s to around 1950, specializing in Austrian design and high-quality decorative arts.
    Together with the three-line markings “ATELIER/HAGENAUER/WIEN”, the production of this sculpture can be narrowed down to the period from the mid-1930s onwards and is an excellent example of the lively international export activities of Werkstatte Hagenauer.


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    Greyhound Karl Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna ca. 1935 carved wood nickel-plated brass marked
    Greyhound Karl Hagenauer ca. 1930

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