Floral candelabrum Gustav Gurschner ca. 1900

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Floral candelabrum five-flame, Gustav Gurschner, Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik, mod.no. 110 (550), patinated bronze, ca. 1900, signed

  • Height: 46cm, Width: 15cm, Depth: 35cm
  • 1900 to 1902
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: bronze, cast and patinated
    Provenance: Private collection, Austria
    signed “G. GURSCHNER” bib.: Gustav Gurschner archive GG-1900006

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    SKU 691

    The floral Viennese Jugendstil chandelier by Gustav Gurschner shows a structure recurring in his designs.

    A rectangular-looking, precisely delineated head with floral elements is created on tall slender strands. The round base, from which the two gold-colored strands spring, appears in dark bronze. This shape and color is repeated at the top edge. Elliptically, the two parts of the stem meet to branch out, adorned with delicate flowers. At the top edge, the chandelier finishes with a row of five grommets, again in a dark color. Thus, a beautiful frame is stretched between the lower and upper end of the work. On the lower right part of the stem is the sculptor’s signature, “G. GURSCHNER”.

    The strong expression of this excellently crafted candlestick comes not least due to its impressive height of 46 cm.


    Gustav Gurschner (Muehlendorf am Inn, Germany 1873 - 1971 Vienna) is among the most famous Austrian sculptors of the 20th century. He was a founding member of the Vienna Secession and president of the Künstlerverband Österreichischer Bildhauer (Association of Austrian Sculptors). As he lived in Paris for several years, one can recognize a clearly French influence in his characteristic, nature-related style. His remarkable talent and his extensive artistic education led him to create a large number of monuments and portraits, including the royal obelisk in Veszprém (Hungary) in 1908, the imperial monument of Hohenelbe (Czech Republic) before 1916 and a portrait of King Edward VII of England.


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    Floral candelabrum Gustav Gurschner ca. 1900

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