Chandelier Franz Haegele Schwintzer & Gräff Berlin ca. 1925

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Eight-flame chandelier, Max Kruger-Berlin, brass, cast, Berlin, ca. 1923

  • Height: 115cm, Width: 52cm, Depth: 52cm
  • 1923 to 1925
    Epoch: Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau
    Technique: brass, cast
    bib: comp. sales catalogue company Schwintzer & Graff, Berlin, 1929, mod.no. 3712

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    SKU 668

    The masterful design of this eight-flame chandelier is by Franz Haegele. It features a downward protruding spike from which rises an eight-armed rod. The lighting fixture is impressive not only in its overall appearance, but especially in its details. Eight delicate crescent-shaped moons are topped by folded shades. From each of them rises a light bulb, which is deliberately uncovered. The motif of the crescent moon is repeated in different sizes and orientations.

    In a reduced formal language, the light-giving celestial bodies moons and stars are translated into stylized ornaments and inspire dreaming.


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    Chandelier Franz Haegele Schwintzer & Gräff Berlin ca. 1925

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