Vase Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1906

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Bronze-vase with Celtic ornaments, design Gustav Gurschner, manufactured by K.K. Kunst-Erzgiesserei Wien, ca. 1906, bronze, signed

  • Height: 23cm, Width: 11cm, Depth: 11cm
  • 1906
    Technique: Bronze, cast, chiseled, partly patinated and polished

    signed “GURSCHNER” bib: archive Gustav Gurschner GG-1905008

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    SKU 1003 Tag

    Gustav Gurschner was one of the most important bronziers of the Viennese Jugendstil. He was a member of the artists association Wiener Secession and Hagenbund and contributed his distinctive formal language to Viennese arts and crafts around 1900.
    Tapering towards the top, Gurschner decorates this tall bronze vase with three ornamental bands rich in details. Between sculptural beaded rims and decorative stripes, one can discern various Celtic-like symbols, spirals and loop squares, typical of Gurschner. The upper, richly decorated part of the vase visually stands out from the dark, patinated base, bringing effectively out the natural, warm bronze tone.


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    Vase with Celtic ornaments Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgiesserei ca. 1906 bronze signed
    Vase Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1906

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