Vase Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1905

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Bronze-vase with Celtic ornaments, design Gustav Gurschner, manufactured by K.K. Kunst-Erzgiesserei Wien, ca. 1905, bronze, signed

  • Height: 13cm, Width: 18cm, Depth: 18cm
  • 1905 to 1908
    Technique: Bronze, cast, chiseled, partly patinated and polished

    on the lower part of the wall signed “Gurschner” and marked with “547/102” Lit.: archive Gustav Gurschner GG -1905009


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    SKU 940

    This patinated, large bronze vase is lavishly decorated and the individual Celtic-like symbols such as the spiral and the loop square can be recognized in the details. The vase also has secessionist features, such as the surrounding sculptural dots wrapped around it, which go hand in hand with the period in which the object was created. The sequenced ornamental stripes harmoniously connect the upper and lower parts.
    This vessel, designed by Gustav Gurschner, was made by the K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei around 1905. On the wall it bears the signature “GURSCHNER” and the model number “547 102”.


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    Vase Gustav Gurschner K.K. Kunst-Erzgießerei ca. 1905

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