Two profile heads Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1970

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Pair of rare profile heads, Franz Hagenauer, Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, circa 1970, brass nickel-plated, marked

  • Height: 52cm, Width: 12.5cm, Depth: 37cm
  • 1970 to 1975
    Epoch: Design
    Technique: brass, nickel-plated, soldered metal applications
    Provenance: Private collection, USA
    Both heads marked on the back and on the bottom: male head “FRANZ”, “HAGENAUER/WIEN”, “wHw” in the circle and mod. no. “1037A”; female head “FRANZ”, “HAGENAUER/WIEN”, “wHw” in the circle; “FRANZ”, “HAGENAUER/WIEN”, “wHw” in the circle and mod. no. “1037” bib.: comp. documented photographs of “Female head” mod. no. 1037 and 1037A in the Hagenauer Archive at MAK Vienna, inv. no. HAF 1071 and 1072

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    SKU 747

    Sculptures of human heads were a signature motif and a recurring subject in the work of Franz Hagenauer. While over many years, they were almost exclusively fully plastic, he began with designs for almost two-dimensional heads in the late 1960s. They were made by applying a new technique. The foundation is a nickel-plated brass plate onto which pipes, and other metal applications are soldered. By using only limited materials and forms, he created individual art objects, whose expressions are extremely intense.

    The most prominent feature of these two rare heads is their hairdos, which are braided like strings of pearls. The elaborate hairstyles, together with almond-shaped eyes, lend them a slightly exotic touch. Besides, rounded foreheads and sloping necks make them appear more dynamic than similar designs.

    Highly fascinating is also Hagenauer’s ability to distinctively draw a woman’s and a man’s head with only a few different design elements. For example, neck and shoulder area of the lady, for example, are somewhat more delicately drawn than on the gentleman’s bust.
    These impressive heads were privately owned in the US for many years.


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    Two profile heads Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1970

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