Trumpet player Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1970

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Life-size Jazz Musician trumpet player, Franz Hagenauer, Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, ca. 1980, brass nickel-plated, marked

  • Height: 182cm, Width: 53.3cm, Depth: 63.5cm
  • 1975 to 1985
    Technique: Brass, chased, bent, chiseled, soldered and screwed, nickel-plated; metal applications; base lacquered metal sheet
    Provenance: Private collection, USA
    twice marked with “HAGENAUER/WIEN”,”MADE IN/AUSTRIA”, model number “1077” and “wHw” in the circle bib.: documented photograph of “trumpet player” mod.no. 1077 in the Hagenauer Archive at MAK Vienna, inv. no. HAF 854

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    SKU 792

    Attentive and with his eyes fixed on his precious instrument, the life-size trumpet player seems to be completely immersed in the world of his musical sounds and whisks us away to his grand entrance at his concert. The Jazz musician seems to move along with the unheard melody in his rhythmic posture. In his professional and elegant appearance, he radiates a certain informality, which is reflected, above all, in his casual stride.

    Once again, the masterful execution of the Werkstatte Hagenauer is shown here. With a bodyheight of over 180 centimeters, the life-size jazz musician appears particularly monumental. Expressive, the trumpet player seems to embody a dedication to art that mimics the passion and talent of the artist Franz Hagenauer, who created it.


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    Trumpet player Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer ca. 1970

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