Paul Flora “Altwiener Figuren II” (Old Vienna characters) ca. 1965

SKU 854

Paul Flora, “Altwiener Figuren II” (Old Vienna figures), ca. 1965, ink pen drawing on paper, titled and signed

  • Height: 48cm, Width: 61cm,
  • 1965
    Technique: private collection Vienna, Austria
    Provenance: ink pen drawing on paper

    bottom left titled “ALTWIENER FIGUREN (II.)” (Old Vienna characters), bottom right signed “FLORA” Bib.: comp. Antonia Hoerschelmann (ed.), Paul Flora. Zeichnungen (Paul Flora. Drawings), exhibition catalog Albertina, Vienna 2021; Karikaturmuseum Krems (ed.), Paul Flora, exhibition catalogue Cartoon Museum Krems, Carl Ueberreiter publ., Vienna 2022

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    SKU 854

    In his caricatures, Paul Flora has repeatedly taken up certain motifs, such as the Tyrolean marksmen or as shown in this picture – the “Altwiener Figuren” (Old Viennese characters).

    In those drawings he takes up on peculiarities of the Habsburg monarchy, pointing to the bloated bureaucracy at court. Here we see Emperor Franz Josef II, dressed in a general’s uniform with its feather-adorned hat, striding forward. He is followed by a crowd of adjutants and courtiers. In the elongated horizontal format the endless parade of the emperor’s wake seems to pass by us. With a sharp pen, Flora draws a bow from His Majesty on the left to the lowest-ranking servant on the far right of the sheet, exhibiting the entire spectrum of characters, from the saber-rattling general to the obsequious court official.
    With his superb technique, as can be seen particularly well in the bloated figures, and perfectly balanced between contours and hatchings, Paul Flora delivers a snappy image of a period that has disappeared a long time ago.


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    Paul Flora “Altwiener Figuren II” (Old Vienna characters) ca. 1965
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