Loetz vase Robert Holubetz decor Olympia ca. 1901

SKU 675

Vase with two handles, Robert Holubetz, Johann Loetz Witwe for E. Bakalowits Sohne, decor Olympia, ca. 1901

  • Height: 25.8cm, Width: 13.5cm, Depth: 13.5cm
  • 1901 to 1902
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: light gren glass, optically blown, freeform mouth with two handles, reduced and iridescent
    Provenance: Private collection, Vienna
    Bib.: comp. decor in J. Mergl, E. Ploil, H. Ricke (ed.), Lötz. Böhmisches Glas 1880 bis 1940, Hatje Cantz publ., Ostfildern-Ruit 2003, p. 287; Bib.: A. Adlerova, E. Ploil, H. Ricke, T. Vlcek (ed.), Loetz – Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940, vol. II, paper pattern catalogue, Prestel, Munich 1989, prod. nr. 85/3747/II, p.277
    2.900,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 675

    This handle vase captivates with its simple and at the same time elegant shape. Like the stem of a flower protruding from its bulb, the narrow neck of the vase grows upwards and is crowned by the handle-shaped curved opening.

    The design was created by Robert Holubetz, one of Koloman Moser’s most talented students at the Vienna School of Applied Arts, who designed the vase in 1901 on behalf of the glass publisher E. Bakalowits Söhne. The particularly harmonious ornamental vessel was executed by the Loetz Glassworks in various sizes and with different decorative variants.


    Robert Holubetz (Gablonz 1880 – 20th century) was an artist of the Viennese Jugendstil. After attending the technical school in Gablonz, Holubetz studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna from 1898 to 1902, where he was one of Koloman Moser’s most talented and important students. When people talk about the “Kolo Moser School” in connection with Viennese Jugendstil, they also mean artists like Robert Holubetz.

    At the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna, Moser’s students benefited from his connections with established manufactures. For example, he had some glass designs of his class produced by the Bohemian glass manufacturer Loetz via the glass distributor Bakalowits. In keeping with the Arts & Crafts postulate, Moser focused on radical form reduction combined with modern, simple and at the same time effective decorations. Robert Holubetz masterfully implemented these principles in his glass designs. His glass objects with their strict forms are well documented in specialist literature today.


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    Loetz vase Robert Holubetz decor Olympia ca. 1901
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