Gottfried Mairwöger “Blindfold” ca. 1990

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Gottfried Mairwoger, “Blindfold”, ca. 1990, oil on canvas, titled, estate stamp

  • Height: 212cm, Width: 88cm, Depth: 4cm
  • 1990
    Technique: oil on canvas
    Provenance: artist's estate
    titled by hand on reverse “Blindfold”; catalogue raisonné number “A-03-87”, estate stamp “NACHLASS/Gottfried Mairwöger” bib.: depictet in Elena Kristofor, Benedikt Mairwöger (eds.), Gottfried Mairwöger – Die Monographie (Gottfried Mairwöger – The monography), VFMK publisher, Vienna 2022, p.184-185 Exhibition: Exhibited at Mairwöger’s Solo show “Gottfried Mairwöger – Farbpoesie”, Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum (Federal Museum of Upper Austria), Ursulinenhof Linz, 2013

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    SKU 1074 Tag

    Gottfried Mairwöger is considered one of the most significant representatives of Austrian color field painting, alongside Wolfgang Hollegha. He achieved international success at a young age when he participated in a group exhibition of Austrian artists at the Wentzel Gallery in Hamburg in 1976. This exhibition caught the attention of the American art critic Clement Greenberg, who subsequently invited Mairwöger to the USA. There, he got acquainted with the works of representatives of color field painting, such as Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland, and Helen Frankenthaler, who became important role models for him.
    This luminous artwork dates back to the years around 1990. Following Greenberg’s suggestion, the artist experimented by applying the paint from the backside of the canvas. Here, it is particularly beautiful to see how the heavily diluted oil paint soakes the unprimed Molino fabric, seeping through to the front side, allowing the high-quality pigment colors to flow together and blend in a controlled manner.
    As a result, vibrant and delicate color bands are created, seemingly layered like veils. The intense luminosity of this vertically oriented composition evokes associations with sunlit, colorful church windows and gives the artwork an almost metaphysical aura.


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    Gottfried Mairwöger "Blindfold" um 1990 Öl auf Molino rückseitig bezeichnet Nachlass-Stempel
    Gottfried Mairwöger “Blindfold” ca. 1990
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