Gondoliere Karl Hagenauer ca. 1930

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Venetian Gondoliere with lady, design by Karl Hagenauer, manufactured by Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, ca. 1930, nickel-plated brass, carved wood, marked

  • Height: 18cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 4cm
  • 1930 to 1935
    Technique: brass, cast and nickel-plated, wood, carved and stained
    marked with “wHw” in the circle, “MADE IN/VIENNA/AUSTRIA”, “ATELIER/HAGENAUER/WIEN”
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    SKU 1028 Tags ,

    With their artistic objects, Karl and Franz Hagenauer also catered to longings that were unattainable for many people in the austere interwar period. The Gondola exemplifies such a place of longing as Venice is one par excellence. Its high-curved bow with the typical prongs unmistakably refers to the boats of the Italian lagoon city.
    Standing upright and equipped only with one oar, the Gondoliere rows the slender gondola through the waterways. At his feet a lady is reclining, and with her upward gaze she could be admiring him as well as the beautiful sights of Venice.
    Simple yet artistic in its reduced form, this composition represents the elegant design and masterful workmanship of Werkstatte Hagenauer.


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    Gondoliere with lady Karl Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna ca. 1930 carved wood nickel-plated brass marked
    Gondoliere Karl Hagenauer ca. 1930

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