Female bust Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer um 1970

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Ladies bust with necklace, Franz Hagenauer, Werkstatte Hagenauer Vienna, ca. 1970, brass chased, marked

  • Height: 44.5cm, Width: 18.5cm, Depth: 25.5cm
  • 1970 to 1972
    Epoch: Design
    Technique: brass, chased and soldered, metal applications
    marked with “FRANZ”, “HAGENAUER/WIEN , “wHw” in the circle, “MADE IN/AUSTRIA”; bib.: documented photograph in the Hagenauer Archive at Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, inv. no. HAF 1130

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    SKU 786

    Already back in the 1930s, Franz Hagenauer designed and executed sculptures and thus proved his artistic talent. At that time, together with his brother Karl, he developed his own design language, which main elements were a strong stylization and a reduction to essential features. This female bust may be regarded as the sum of Hagenauer’s vocabulary of forms. Head and neck are reduced to essential, almost geometrical shapes. The charming, button-like lips, along with the stylized curls that softly wash around the whole bust, act as a counterpart to the severe design.

    With its timeless, elegant design and superb in its execution, this bust effortlessly attracts all eyes and represents a highlight in any collection.


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    Female bust Franz Hagenauer Werkstatte Hagenauer um 1970

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