Chandelier Max Kruger-Berlin ca. 1923

SKU 687

Eight-flame chandelier, Max Kruger-Berlin, brass, cast, Berlin, ca. 1923

  • Height: 80cm, Width: 64cm, Depth: 64cm
  • 1923 to 1925
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: brass, cast

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    SKU 687

    This Max Kruger Berlin chandelier captivates with its particularly elaborate appearance. The chandelier presents itself in masterful execution and has eight flames. Thereby the illuminants as such are to be seen uncovered. They are supported by funnel-shaped grommets, from which eight delicate arms emanate. These meet at the upper tip and form a basket-like structure.

    This extraordinary chandelier illuminates any home and makes it shine in beautiful splendor.


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    Chandelier Max Kruger-Berlin ca. 1923

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