Bronze sculpture „The Golden Beauty“ Mario Dalpra 2022

SKU 1005

Bronze sculpture „The Golden Beauty“, Mario Dalpra, 2022, bronze cast and polished, unique piece, signed

  • Height: 44cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 18cm
  • 2022
    Technique: bronze, cast and polished
    Provenance: directly from the artist's studio

    signed “MD22” bib.: Lina Albrikiene (ed.), Mario Dalpra. Chasing Aesthetics, Bucher publ., Hohenems 2023

    7.500,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 1005

    Mario Dalpra, born in Feldkirch/Vorarlberg in 1960, studied in Arnulf Rainer’s master class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The versatile artist is dedicated to both painting and sculpture, focusing on different techniques in alternating phases. Since 2006, Dalpra has specialized primarily in bronze works, which have now become “signature” objects in his oeuvre. Flowing, organic forms are characteristic of his cast bronze sculptures. Not only are their melodic contours mesmerizing, but so is the shiny, golden surface of this bronze art work.
    Dalpra pays special attention to the surface design of his sculptures. In an interview, the artist said, “The climax came with the lacquering. I began to paint, to put on lacquer again, to add a third layer of lacquer. (…) But then I realized: there is no such thing as perfection. Some sculptures still get mistakes, sort of injuries. And that calmed me.” * Thus, even the polished outer layer of this sculpture has occasional imperfections, symbolizing vulnerability and the impossibility of perfection.

    *M. Dalpra in an interview with Brigitte Mühlbauer, Mario Dalpra 01. Burning Skin. Sehnsucht nach Perfektion (Longing for perfection), Bucher publ., Hohenems 2020, p. 30


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    Bronze sculpture „The Golden Beauty“ Mario Dalpra 2022 bronze cast polished signed
    Bronze sculpture „The Golden Beauty“ Mario Dalpra 2022
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