Bronze sculpture “Osmotic Connection” Mario Dalpra 2022

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Bronze sculpture “Osmotic Connection”, Mario Dalpra, 2022, bronze cast, red lacquered, unique piece

  • Height: 72cm, Width: 48cm, Depth: 28cm
  • 2022
    Technique: bronze, cast, silver-coated and three-layer varnished
    Provenance: directly from the artist's studio
    signed “MD 22”, unique piece
    12.500,00 VAT inclusive
    SKU 1114 Tag

    Dalpra’s cast bronze sculptures are characterized by flowing, organic forms and come in various surface finishes. The distinctive design of these surfaces plays an important role in Dalpra’s art. This red piece, too, is finished with an elaborate three-layer coating. Dalpra achieves the shimmering depth effect by first silver-coating the bronze sculpture, followed by the application of high-quality lacquer in three layers. This silky surface brings an additionally distinct sensual component to the sculpture. This bronze is also defined by organic contours melting into each other. The harmonious thickenings at the base ground the sculpture and form a harmonious counterweight to its soaring elements.


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    Bronze sculpture "Osmotic Connection"  Mario Dalpra 2022 bronze cast red lacquered unique piece
    Bronze sculpture “Osmotic Connection” Mario Dalpra 2022
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