Arnulf Rainer “Tenerifa, Roque Chinchado with Pico del Teide” mixed media on photography signed

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Arnulf Rainer, “Tenerifa, Roque Chinchado with Pico del Teide”, mixed media on photography, signed

  • Height: 42cm, Depth: 59.4cm
  • 2007
    Epoch: Contemporary Arts
    Technique: mixed media on photography

    signed and dated bottom right: A. Rainer [20]07 Bib.: comp. Machnicki/Kunstverein Ulm (ed.), Arnulf Rainer. Kanarien. Übermalte Fotografien, exhibition catalogue Kunstverein Ulm, 13. November – 30. Dezember 2005, Bielefeld 2005


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    SKU 639

    Arnulf Rainer was spending most of the winter of the past decades on the island of Tenerife and therefore travelled the Canaries thoroughly. Photographic impressions of Tenerife, but also Lanzarote and the other islands, he edited artistically with his specific signature style, the so called ‘over-paintings’ (Übermalungen). With his colorful additions and veil-like brushwork, the artist expresses his emotions whilst looking at the photographic scenery. With great sensitivity Rainer enhances the original photographies, similar to his approach as seen in the interventions of the Piranesi prints or the “veil paintings” (Schleierbilder).


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    Arnulf Rainer “Tenerifa, Roque Chinchado with Pico del Teide” mixed media on photography signed
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