Oval table Otto Wagner attr. Thonet ca. 1905

SKU 203

Oval table, Otto Wagner attributed, Gebruder Thonet Wien, mod. no. 8051, ca. 1905, beechwood and brass, original Thonet-label

  • Height: 78cm
  • Length: 89cm
  • Width: 130cm
  • Dating: 1904 to 1907
    Epoch: Art Nouveau
    Technique: Beech wood, bent, stained and polished; brass, polished
    Bib: Thonet catalogue, 1911, p. 160, Nr. 8051; Original adhesive label Thonet
    8.000,00 VAT included
    SKU 203

    At the turn of the century Otto Wagner radicalized his style and avoided any ornamentation in favor of an elegantly swinging design. This sober and at the same time harmonious appearance, which we know, for instance, from his designs for the Postsparkasse furniture, can also be found in this table, which is attributed to Wagner. Not least because of the fact that the design was dated around 1904, which falls into exactly the same phase.
    The table has a clear and functional form. The curved legs provide a firm strut, but at the same time a very successful design solution, giving the massive table a sense of lightness and playfulness. The brass mountings also have a double function, protecting the base and serving as color accents as well.
    Otto Wagner often worked together with “Thonet”, because their innovative bentwood technology offered completely new design perspectives. The table can be found in their 1911 catalogue as model 8051.


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    Oval table Otto Wagner attr. Thonet ca. 1905

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